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Adult Psychiatrists

Bowers, Dr Alexis

Qualifications: MBBS MRCPsych MSc (Distinction)
Clinic: Isle of Wight, London and Southsea
Special Interests: Personal injury, clinical negligence, family law, old age psychiatry, fitness to plead, capacity, Disability discrimination Act, Occupational Health, Tribunal, Immigration
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Bowskill, Dr Richard James

Qualifications: MA MB BChir MRCP MRCPsyc
Clinic: Hove, East Sussex and London
Special Interests: Clinical Negligence, Effective Disorders including Bi-Polar.
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Busuttil, Dr Walter

Qualifications: MBChB MPhil MRCGP FRCPsych
Clinic: Ticehurst, East Sussex & London
Special Interests: Clinical Negligence, Personal Injury, PTSD & Trauma, Military.
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Chahl, Dr Pavan

Qualifications: MRCPsych MBBS
Clinic: Birmingham
Special Interests: Personal Injury, Clinical Negligence, Family Law, Dangerousness, Fitness to Plead, Capacity, Employment tribunals - GMC and GDC, PTSD, Bipolar, Schizophrenia, Depression, Substance misuse, Personality Disorder, stress at work, Immigration
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Dhar, Dr Rajeev

Qualifications: MBBS MRCPsych Barrister at Law
Clinic: London and the South East
Special Interests: PTSD & Trauma, Substance Misuse & Addictions, Clinical Negligence, Diminished Responsibility, Schizophrenia, Capacity, Criminal, Fitness to Plead
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Fox, Professor Chris

Qualifications: BSc MRCPsych Mmedsc
Clinic: London, Canterbury, Brighton, Hove, Norfolk & Cambridge
Special Interests: Old Age Psychiatry, Fitness to Plead, Clinical Negligence, Personal Injury, PTSD & Trauma, Immigration, Military, Criminal, Capacity, Munchhausen
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Katona, Professor Cornelius

Qualifications: MD FRCPsych
Clinic: London and Kent
Special Interests: Immigration
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Loughlin, Dr Paul J

Qualifications: MB, BS, MRCPsych
Clinic: Reading, Ascot and Windsor
Special Interests: Cognitive disorders, Affective disorders, Anxiety disorders and Neuropsychiatry, Cardiology-Orthopaedics, Old Age, Clinical Negligence, Personal Injury, Mental Health Tribunals, PTSD & Trauma, Forensic
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McLaren, Dr Paul

Qualifications: MB BS MA MSc FRCPsych
Clinic: The Priory Hospital, Ticehurst, East Sussex, Keats House London, The Priory Hospital Hayes Grove, Bromley and the Priory Clinic Canterbury
Special Interests: Clinical Negligence, Personal Injury, Family Proceedings, PTSD & Trauma, Schizophrenia, Occupational Health, OCD, Post Natal Depression, Bi-Polar, Substance Misuse and Addictions, Domestic Violence, Sexual Abuse
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Mehrotra, Dr Ravi

Qualifications: MBBS, MRCPsych
Clinic: Hove, Isleworth and Windsor
Special Interests: Substance Misuse & Addictions, Mood Disorder including Bi-Polar, PTSD & Trauma, OCD, Adult Aspergers & ADHD, Psychosis, Criminal, Tribunals, Fitness to Plead, Immigration, Occupational Health
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Musters, Dr Charles

Qualifications: BSc MB BS MRCPsych MSc
Clinic: London and the South East
Special Interests: Perinatal Psychiatry, OCD, PTSD, Transcultural Psychiatry, Clinical Negligence, Immigration
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Oyebode, Dr Babatunde Oyedeji

Qualifications: MB.BS; Dip Criminol; M.Phil; FRCPsych
Clinic: London
Special Interests: Criminal, Risk Assessment, Substance Misuse, Family Proceedings, Capacity, Immigration, Clinical Negligence, Personal Injury, Employment Tribunal, Fitness to plead, PTSD
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Rajpal, Dr Pawan

Qualifications: M.B.B.S., P.G. Dip. Psych Med, M.R.C.Psych., P.G.Dip. (Mental Health Law)
Clinic: Bristol, Harley Street, Birmingham
Special Interests: Adult Autism, Learning disabilities and Aspergers. Asylum proceedings, Clinical Negligence, Employment Tribunals, Forensic Cases, Assessments of parents, Mental Disorders, Substance Misuse, Mental Capacity Act related assessments, DVLA reports, Capacity Assessments including capacity to manage finances, Immigration cases, Personal Injury. Mental Health Review Tribunals, PTSD, Somatoform Pain Disorder.
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Rao, Dr Ranga

Qualifications: MBBS, DPM, DMH, DipNBE(Psych), MD, FRCPsych
Clinic: Ticehurst and London
Special Interests: Schizophrenia, Family Proceedings, Substance Misuse & Addictions, 2nd Opinions, Tribunals
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Singh, Dr Jagmohan

Qualifications: M.B.B.S, MRCPsych, Dip Cl.Psy(Ire)
Clinic: Hertfordshire and London, will travel
Special Interests: capacity, criminal, substance misuse, immigration,adult ADHD, autism, personality disorder, PTSD, forensic, Family Proceedings
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Sohi, Dr Inderpreet

Qualifications: MBBs, DMH, MRCPsych
Clinic: Birmingham
Special Interests: Personal Injury, depression, Criminal , immigration, employment tribunal, housing, PTSD, medical and clinical negligence, trauma, sexual harassment, bullying, capacity.
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Suleman, Dr Sajid

Qualifications: MBBS, MRCPsych, DPP, MSc
Clinic: Dartford, Kent
Special Interests: Risk Assessments, Criminal, Fitness to Plead, Capacity, Personal Injury, PTSD & Trauma, Immigration, Adult Aspergers & ADHD, Family Proceedings
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