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About Expert in Mind

We understand the importance of saving precious time in the busy diaries of medical and legal professionals. To this end, our aim is to provide a highly efficient service to enable our expert psychiatrists and psychologists to undertake mental health assessments whilst maintaining a personal service for both the instructing parties and Experts alike.

We have developed a reputation for excellence in providing an efficient, professional and personal service and are proud of the repeat business we receive. Our services have been particularly valued in the recent environment of change in the legal framework for medicolegal practice. We ensure that our experts are up to date with current requirements and we are more than happy to try to accommodate any request or timescale.

Our psychiatrists and psychologists specialise in a multitude of disciplines, such as substance misuse, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression and mood disorders, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), autistic spectrum disorders (ASD), schizophrenia and attachment disorders among a wide array of others.

Our experts also vary in specialisation - providing assessments of adults, children, adolescents and families.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to facilitate the provision of quality medico-legal reports by our esteemed panel of highly qualified mental health Experts.

We assure a professional, efficient and yet personal service to our clients and our Experts.

We champion an enthusiastic, hardworking and knowledgeable team to inspire motivation to grow, fulfil our mission and enjoy the working day.

Our values are:

  • Efficiency
  • Reliability
  • Knowledge
  • To be accommodating
  • Friendly

Vision Statement

To be recognised nationwide for our outstanding service and to be recommended as the industry’s first choice for medico-legal reports.

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Expert in Mind can source professionals, many of whom are considered the best in their field, as expert witnesses or to provide medical reports for the legal and corporate sector.