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Dr Michele McDowell


Dr McDowell has over 15 years of experience working as an educational and clinical psychologist with adults, children, families in Local Authorities and for the courts. She has expertise in child development including cognitive, linguistic, sensory, physical, social, behavioural and emotional difficulties. She specialises in working with children and young people whose development is either delayed or disordered. She has worked extensively with children with severe cognitive impairment and learning disability.

She has provided assessments of parental capacity and risk, offering a clear understanding of parental risk factors including mental health and substance misuse problems and the impact that this has on their parenting.

She analyses the parent-child attachment relationship and how this can impact on a child’s development.

She has worked for local authorities and the Family Courts and and expert witness since 2011.  She also provides assessments of parents with complex mental health, personality and learning needs. She gives a clear and insightful understanding into the impact that these difficulties have on parenting and the capacity for change.  

She had previously worked for the Munro Family Centre undertaking multidisciplinary assessments of children at risk of harm.

She undertakes specialist assessments of children in the Civil Courts, understanding the impact of neurological harm on child developmental harm following road traffic accidents or cases of clinical negligence.

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