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Mrs Melanie Gill


Melanie Gill is a highly specialised child and adult psychologist and forensic assessor specialising in developmental trauma, attachment science, schema theory, risk, family dynamics, child and adult forensic assessments. She covers both criminal and family law cases. Melanie, is trained in evidence based assessments for both children and adults which is not usual in clinical and forensic psychology training, and is vital in forming a clear and concise evaluation of any given highly complex family situation. She has also been specifically trained in the evidenced based assessment of parental alienation; and has 10 years of experience in highly conflictual Private Law cases. There are few professionals trained in the range of adult, adolescent, and child assessment techniques she uses, all assessment methods are well tested in research and thus observations are evidence-based. Her recent caseload has also included for example, the following complexities: transgender, severe neglect, infanticide, false accusations of child sexual abuse, factitious disorder by proxy, and parental narcissism.

Melanie's evidence based attachment assessments also include the assessment of cognitive function and developmental disorder ( i.e. ADHD/ASD); for more detailed information about attachment assessments, please refer to Melanie's paper - Clarification of Specialist Attachment Assessment: Science not guesswork.

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